Arrowhead Villas Mutual Service Company Policies and Rules


All single family homes fall into the category of properties with one water share. Any residence with double usage (two households per house), duplex usage will need to purchase an additional water share or activate a second water share, and pay for two active water shares at $980.00 per year each. A water Share is considered forfeited to the company after 12 months of non-payment and a new share must be purchased, at the current share price, in order to be reinstated. Water shares need to be purchased at the present rate of $1,350.00 each, and the water meter needs to be reinstated at the rate of $500.00. Stock transfer fee amount is $270.00/per transfer for active water share. Stock Transfer Fee amount for within family transfer is $15.00. Returned checks fee is $12.00. Total assessment charged per active water share is $980.00/year. Assessments for lots with an inactive water share will be billed $280.00/year. All fees are subject to change. Annual or special charges, assessments or penalty charges to the Shareholders for the operations of the Company shall be set by the Board of Directors.

AVMSC water meters record water use in terms of gallons. One cubic foot of water is equal to 7.48 gallons and overages will be charged at .10c/ cubic foot. Consumption is based on how many gallons each customer uses. AVMSC shareholders are allowed 200 gallons per day/per household with an active water share. In a normal 30 day billing cycle that is equal to 6,000 gallons. Anything over this amount is considered an “overage”, and is subject to additional fees. Shareholder responsibility begins at the “customer side” of the AVMSC water meter. Any water leak from that point, to the residence, and/or within the residence is the Shareholder’s responsibility, regardless of the amount of overage. It is the Shareholder’s responsibility to repair the water leaks and to report to the AVMSC office, when the leak is repaired. Shareholders can schedule an appointment to turn the water service off in the fall and back on in the spring. This is a free service available to Shareholders.
However, all Shareholders are required to have their own customer shut off valve, on the customer side of the meter. Any tampering with the company meters, including but not limited to: turning the meter on/off by the Shareholder, or the Shareholder’s plumbing company/handyman, will be fined $500.00 plus the cost of repairs if applicable with no exceptions. A company Field Technician needs to be notified on all such service calls, to turn the water on/off at the meter. Arrowhead Villas Mutual Service Company owns the water meters. AVMSC will not install, service, or handle any water shut-off valves on the Shareholders’ property beyond the water meter.

January 15th, April 15th, July 15th and October 15th of every year. Bills unpaid after 15 calendar days from the due date are considered late and a charge of 5% of the due payment is applied. Shortly after the 15 calendar days have passed unpaid, a Notice of Shut Off will be posted on the door of the Shareholder’s residence. Each posted door notice will carry a fee of $25.00 attached to the household’s billing account. If payment for the billing is not received after 35 calendar days from the billing date, the water service will be disconnected.
Water service will be restored upon payment of the past due amount, along with the $25.00 fee.
All service calls in regards to water turn on/offs will be charged $25.00 during regular business hours, Monday thru Friday 8:30 am-4:00 pm, and closed for lunch from 12pm to 1pm. The service calls for water turn on/offs during weekends, holidays or before and after business hours will be $100.00. Shareholders can find a schedule of yearly Holidays at the AVMSC Office and also on the company website.

Household trash is collected once per week, every Monday at curbside. Recycle trash is collected once per week, every Tuesday at curbside. On snow days and/or Holidays, trash will be delayed. Please call the office if you would like to participate in the Recycle Program and receive a blue recycle trash bin for Tuesday collection. AVMSC will provide one blue recycle trash bin upon request. Shareholder is responsible to provide their own household trash cans. Each household is limited to three (3) 32 gallon trash cans on Monday and three (3) 32 gallon recycle cans on Tuesday. Trash cans may not exceed 35 pounds each. Construction materials, electronic waste, paints, oils, and fireplace ashes are prohibited and will not be collected. All trash cans need to have tight fitting lids, to protect against animal forage.
All trash bins and recycle bins need to be curbside, by 7:30 a.m., every Monday and Tuesday. Trash bins which are not placed at the curb in front of the property at the time of collection, will not be collected.
Shareholders are allowed up to three (3) bulk item collections per year. Please call the office to schedule an appointment for bulk items(s). Refer to website for a list of acceptable bulk items.
Collection for green waste is the last Thursday of every month from April to September. Please see the website regarding dates. Green waste is limited to pine needles and leaves and needs to be bagged in heavy duty trash bags.

AVMSC utilizes their own snow plows and their own staff for snow removal/plowing. AVMSC plows all Arrowhead Villas maintained roads with the exception of Arrowhead Villas Rd, which is maintained by the San Bernardino County roads department. Road maintenance of all other Arrowhead Villas roads, including paving repairs and maintenance is the responsibility of AVMSC. Snow removal will be performed in a regular, planned and ongoing manner. All vehicles need to be moved and parked out of the road right of way, and out of the way of snow plowing vehicles at all times. Any violators will have their vehicle(s) tagged and towed away if not moved. Snow from Shareholder properties may not be dumped on, or shoveled into the roads at any time, as this could become hazardous to the traffic.

All vehicles or objects placed in the road, and/or road right of way which could restrict vehicle access may be towed away at Owner’s expense. Shareholders are responsible at all times to convey the present rules to their families, tenants, visitors or assignees.
The road right of way is determined as of 4 feet from the edge of the pavement. Encroachment within that 4 feet, such as fencing, walls, or landscaping must have a company representative review and approve prior to start of such construction.

***All AVMSC roads must remain open for Emergency Personnel and Snow Plow Vehicles, at all times.
***Maximum speed on AVMSC roads shall be 15 miles per hour.
In addition to these Policies and Rules,
Shareholders are encouraged to get acquainted with the AVMSC Bylaws. Please visit our website at: for more information.
Office located at: 767 Community Dr.
Lake Arrowhead, Ca. 92352.
Mailing address: P.O Box 77
Sky Forest, Ca. 92385
Telephone: 909-337-4259 Fax 909 336-4326
For after hour water emergencies: Contact 909-864-9110
(REV 5/2017)