Manager’s Monthly Report April 2016

Manager Report April 2016
The crew responded to 12 service calls, 6 were markings and the others were turn offs, turn on calls, inspect CSOV and re-reads. There were 7 private leaks identified by AMR. All of the private leaks have been repaired or turned off.
Shelbie had 6 stock transfers this month.

During the month of April we purchased 1,180,344 gallons of water from CLAWA
and our well produced 336,948 gallons. During the month of March we purchased
837,012 gallons and our well produced 588,967 gallons.
Total precipitation for the month was 3.93″

Improvement Projects
Tank Site Project -NV5 is near completion of Tasks 1-5 for the preliminary design of the new tank site. They are meeting with DOHS on May 18, 2016 regarding their permitting procedures. The transmission pipeline from the office to the Sycamore tank has been located with blue flags and paint, and NV5 will be surveying and mapping it for accuracy. RWM and Associates has been approved to move forward with the lot mergers for the new tank sites.

Treatment Plant Project- Engineering Resources of Southern California, Inc.(ERSC)has forwarded all of the permitting paperwork to DOHS in Sacramento for approval to allow resumption of the use of Well No.3.The Report needs to be approved prior to the installation of the treatment plant. Ad-Edge has submitted a new quote for the treatment plant infrastructure for Board approval.

Yard Expansion Project- Will be completed in house this summer.

Well#5 Project- Harich Construction has completed rehabilitation of the well, and Aqua Sierra has installed the flow meter and level transponder. At this point the flow meter is working properly however we are still working on the accuracy of the level transponder.