Manager’s Monthly Report February 2015

Manager’s Monthly Report

Ron Fussell our operations manager has presented this report of the operations and project updates for February 2015.
The crew responded to 18 service calls in January, four were markings and the rest were turn offs, turn on calls, inspect customer shut off valves and meter re-reads. There were 5 private leaks identified by AMR. The total water loss was approximately 1,065 gallons per day. Shelbie had 2 stock transfers in February.

During the month of February, we purchased 855,200 gallons of water from CLAWA and our wells produced 482,364 gallons. During the month of January, we purchased 1,791,300 gallons of water from CLAWA and our wells produced 101,222 gallons. In February 2014, the total water delivered was 1,739,500 gallons and the February 2015 total is 1,337,564 gallons. The difference is 401,936 gallons, which is a reduction of 23%.

The total precipitation for the month of February was 3.21”.

Fire Hydrant Replacement Project – Juan started repainting fire hydrants this month with 5 done so far.

The Tank Site Projects – The AVMSC Board met with James Owens of NV-5 Engineering and the Board passed two separate motions. The first motion authorized NV-5 to prepare a Well Blending Plan that may permit AVMSC to reintroduce Wells 3, 4 and 7 back into the supply system along with Well 5. We are encouraged by the fact that we may be able to add Well water to our water storage.
The second motion was to approve NV-5 to complete the first two phases to provide a survey and topographical mapping of the Sycamore Lane tank site and to provide a Geotechnical survey of the site to determine the infrastructure needed and the costs involved to support a 250,000 gallon water storage tank on the Sycamore site.

Automated Meter Reading project – Ron advises that we have installed a total of 520 automated meters to date. The entire East Side of the Arrowhead Villas (Arrowhead Villas Road to Kuffel Canyon) has been completely upgraded to the new automated meters. The West side of the Villas has over 100 meters installed so far, starting on Buckingham and working east toward Community Drive. Also, all of the top 10 water consumers now have automated meters so as to better assist them in reducing their overall water use.

Aspen Construction will begin with this years’ road repair plan this Spring and Summer. Any shareholder wishing to have Aspen Construction do private driveway paving should contact the AVMSC Office and Aspen Construction for an evaluation and bid.

The company encourages shareholders, vacationers, visitors and renters to continue to visit the different areas of this website for good information such as the By-Laws, Company Mission Statement, Calendar of Events, some rules and regulations, the Annual Water Quality Report and a list of phone numbers for associate local agencies including LACSD, the Sheriff’s Dept., Fire Dept., Animal Control, Building and Safety and the Edison Company. The office can be contacted at or by phone at 337-4259.