Manager’s Monthly Report March 2015

Ron Fussell our operations manager has presented this report of the operations and project updates for March 2015.
The crew responded to 12 service calls in March, two were markings and the rest were turn offs, turn on calls, inspect customer shut off valves and meter re-reads. There were 6 private leaks identified by AMR. The total water loss was approximately 2,200 gallons per day. Shelbie had 3 stock transfers in March.

During the month of March, we purchased 923,700 gallons of water from CLAWA and our wells produced 535,419 gallons. During the month of February, we purchased 855,200 gallons from CLAWA and our wells produced 482,364 gallons. In March 2014, the total water delivered was 1,789,700 gallons and the March 2015 total is 1,459,119 gallons. The difference is 330,581 gallons, a reduction of 19%. Governor Brown’s Executive Order mandates a 25% reduction in water usage based on the same time frame in 2013. AVMSC has exceeded that with more than a 27% reduction from March 2013 versus March 2015.

The total precipitation for the month of March was .97”.

Fire Hydrant Replacement Project – Juan is repainting fire hydrants and the total done to date is 7.

The Tank Site Projects – Aspen Construction completed the paving project around the new water holding tank in the AVMSC yard. NV-5 has started with the preliminary work at the Sycamore tank site. NV-5 has submitted a progress report to the AVMSC Board.

Automated Meter Reading project – Ron advises that we have installed a total of 580 automated meters to date. The entire East Side of the Arrowhead Villas (Arrowhead Villas Road to Kuffel Canyon) has been completely upgraded to the new automated meters. The West side of the Villas has over 160 meters installed so far, starting on Buckingham and working east toward Community Drive. Also all of the top 10 water consumers now have automated meters so as to better assist them in reducing their overall water use. On Tuesday April 21, 2015 the AVMSC Board authorized Ron to purchase the final 180 automated meters to complete the automated water meter upgrade project for the Villas.

Aspen Construction has been approved again this year to continue with the road paving and crack sealing repairs. Additionally, they will be submitting a proposal to stain the Wellsley Wall for better appearance.

Well Blending Project – James Owens from NV-5 has submitted a progress report for the Well Blending Plan. We have some research and some work to do but we hope to have a plan ready to implement within the next few months.

Stump Removal Project – SCE has asked AVMSC to map and number the dead tree stumps adjacent to any roads or wires. They intend to cut down any stumps that pose a threat to their wires or that may fall and cause damage to private property or the roads. They stated that if there are any guide wires, lights or anything else attached to the stumps they will not cut them down.

The company encourages shareholders, vacationers, visitors and renters to continue to visit the different areas of this website for good information such as the By-Laws, Company Mission Statement, Calendar of Events, some rules and regulations, the Annual Water Quality Report and a list of phone numbers for associate local agencies including LACSD, the Sheriff’s Dept., Fire Dept., Animal Control, Building and Safety and the Edison Company. The office can be contacted at or by phone at 337-4259.

Please note:
Governor Brown issued an executive order mandating 25-percent cuts in water use statewide. Refer to our Ordinance No. 2014-101 MANDATORY WATER CONSERVATION on the website (located under, “About AVMSC”).

Please feel free to contact Ron Fussell for a current audit regarding your water usage.

The most common cause of a small leak is a toilet. You may place a dye tablet in the toilet tank. If any color appears in the bowl, the toilet is leaking.