Manager’s Monthly Report May 2018

Manager’s Monthly Report

Ron Fussell our operations manager has presented this report of the operations and project updates for May 2018.
The crew responded to 16 service calls, 9 were markings and the others were turn offs, turn on calls, inspect customer shut off valves. There were 8 private leaks identified by AMR and no service line leaks. All of the other leaks have been repaired or turned off. Juan is heading up the meter maintenance and meter location and mapping project and is entering the information into our AMR Program. The crew has also started our bi-annual flushing and valve maintenance service program. Shelbie had 2 stock transfers in May.

During the month of May we purchased 661,531 gallons of water from CLAWA and our wells produced 1,260,343 gallons. During the month of April we purchased 658,988 gallons of water from CLAWA and our wells produced 1,233,343 gallons.

The total precipitation for the month of May was 0.00”.

Fox Farm Tank Site Update
The AVMSC Board approved two separate bid proposals, one from Randel Wildlife Consulting Inc., for a biological review and a second proposal from RCA Associates Inc. for a cultural survey and analysis. We hope to have these two cultural and environmental surveys with analysis and reports completed within the next 60 days.

Well #5 Control Panel
Aqua Sierra has completed the installation of the Well #5 Control Panel and it is interphased with the SCADA System and is fully operational.

Update on Road Repairs and Improvements
The crew has completed 24 tons of asphalt paving road repairs on Oakmont, Virginia Ct. and Sycamore near the tank site and Ron’s goal is to complete another 50 tons of asphalt paving over the summer and fall as the weather permits. We ask our residents to be cautious of our flagging crews and we will do our best to avoid having to close down any roads for any extended periods.

Update on the Green Waste Program for 2018
The Green Waste Program will commence on the last Thursday of the month from April through September 2018. Please remember yard waste in large trash bags only and please place them at the side of the road for pick up.

New Yard Expansion Project
The crew will be starting another project to expand our storage area in the yard by approximately 1200 sq. feet. With the exception of some tree removal and some fencing all of the expansion work will be completed by our in-house staff and equipment. We plan to begin this project in spring and complete it by fall.

Review of the AVMSC Annual Shareholders Meeting and Election Results
The AVMSC Annual Shareholder’s Meeting held on Saturday May 19, 2018 at the Lake Arrowhead Presbyterian Church was well attended and the Board received many positive comments from the shareholders attending. Larry Fehrenbach and Vicki Wood introduced themselves as the candidates running for reelection and provided a brief outline of their goals and objectives for the coming term and asked for the shareholder’s votes and support. Thad Chavez the new Mountain Top Ranger presented a 20 minute program covering the Cal-Fire, Fire Safe Counsel and Forestry’s programs for brush clearing, and hazard abatement projects on the mountain over the summer and fall.
Ron and Priscilla outlined all of the projected completed and in progress and the anticipated project goals for 2018. Priscilla gave a rundown of the treasurer’s report and she noted all of the cost savings that have been attained through the staff and Board’s efforts. Director Jones addressed the company’s open door policy and the various means communicating with the staff and Board and the many areas where company information and policies are listed. Vice President Russell addressed the fact that we have no current lawsuits and that the real estate market in the Villas is very robust with 80 sales in 2017.
The Elections Committee was introduced and the final results of the election were that Larry Fehrenbach was reelected as President with 178 votes and Vicki Wood was reelected as 2nd Vice President with 185 votes.

Ron has commended both the staff and the residents for their diligent efforts toward water conservation which has exceeded the Governor’s 25% reduction rate. He would like to encourage our shareholders, renters and visitors to continue in their conservation efforts, and call the office if you would like a review of your overall water usage.
Although last winter season was above normal for precipitation this winter is looking like it may be a record low. The State water analysts anticipate that our drought conditions, especially in Southern California, will continue and may last for many years to come.

Recently the office has received numerous calls and questions about lifting our current building moratorium. We have no plans to lift our building moratorium anytime within the foreseeable future as water availability is only one of the factors influencing our need for a building moratorium. Our problems with inadequate off-street parking, access for emergency vehicles and the difficulty for our snow plow operators to find places to safely push the snow are all results of past over-development in the Villas. Also, our current full time residency is approximately 40% – 50% but if that were to expand to potentially 80% – 90% we would not have the water or the facilities to supply our community. So the moratorium will not be going away and we request that people not call the office regarding this issue going away.

The company encourages shareholders, vacationers, visitors and renters to continue to visit the different areas of this website for good information such as the By-Laws, Company Mission Statement, Calendar of Events, some rules and regulations, the Annual Water Quality Report and a list of phone numbers for associate local agencies including LACSD, the Sheriff’s Dept., Fire Dept., Animal Control, Building and Safety and the Edison Company. The office can be contacted at or by phone at 337-4259.