Manager’s Monthly Report November 2014

Manager’s Monthly Report

Ron Fussell our operations manager has presented this report of the operations and project updates for November 2014.
The crew responded to 10 service calls in November, four were markings and the rest were turn offs, turn on calls, inspect customer shut off valves and meter re-reads. There was one company leak this month at 707 Virginia Court. The leak was in the service line. Shelbie had 14 stock transfers in November.

During the month of November, we purchased 1,112,800 gallons of water from CLAWA and during the month of October, we purchased 1,152,200 gallons. During November, we produced 0 gallons of water (due to new tank replacement) and in October, we produced 411,688 gallons. In November 2013, the total water delivered was 1,802,076 gallons and the November 2014 total is 1,612,800 gallons. The difference is 189,276 gallons, which is a reduction of more than 11%.

Tank Site Projects – The small water-holding tank in the AVMSC yard has being replaced by Superior Tank Inc. The new tank will be back on line as soon as the County Building Department, Fire Department and the Department of Health Services sign off on the final inspection, hopefully by Tuesday December 30, 2014.

Automated Meter Reading project – The total automated meters installed to date is 315. The streets that have been completed are Sunderland Court, Arrowhead Villas Road, Lords Lane, Knight Court, Dover Court, Bangor Lane, Sycamore, Altamont, Oakmont and Lake Drive. Ivy Lane, Kings Court and Holmes Court are near completion and Larchmont will be the last street to finish up the East side of the Arrowhead Villas.

The Department of Health Services has determined that Well #4 will not be permitted to be brought back on line at this time.

The AVMSC Board has met with several contractors to prepare a road maintenance plan and budget for the upcoming years. We also discussed a plan and we have received some preliminary bids to expand our yard to provide for the installation of storage areas for base materials (gravel) and cinders.

We have tracked the rainfall totals here in the Villas since the beginning of November 2014, and we have received 11.87 inches of rain so far in December and we also received 3 inches in November, so we have received just under 15 inches of rain since the beginning of November. The drought is not over and we encourage all shareholders, residents and visitors to continue conserving water as they have done to conserve our water resources.
As always the company encourages all shareholders, renters and visitors to comply with the water conservation suggestions and requirements included in the Ordinance 2014-101 Water Conservation also found on this website.

Lastly, the entire Board of Directors and the entire AVMSC staff would like to express our appreciation for all of our shareholders and wish all of you Season’s Greetings and we wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Hopefully we will have as much progress and growth in our Company and our Community in 2015 as we have had in 2014.

The company encourages shareholders, vacationers, visitors and renters to continue to visit the different areas of this website for good information such as the By-Laws, Company Mission Statement, Calendar of Events, some rules and regulations, the Annual Water Quality Report and a list of phone numbers for associate local agencies including LACSD, the Sheriff’s Dept., Fire Dept., Animal Control, Building and Safety and the Edison Company. The office can be contacted at or by phone at 337-4259.