Manager’s Monthly Report November 2016

Manager’s Monthly Report

Ron Fussell our operations manager has presented this report of the operations and project updates for November 2016.
The crew responded to 18 service calls, 5 were markings and the others were turn offs, turn on calls, inspect customer shut off valves and meter re-reads. There were 12 private leaks identified by AMR. All of the leaks have been repaired or turned off. The crew has been cutting the edges and cleaning up the roads in preparation for snowfall. We will be reading water meters weekly during the winter months to identify frozen and broken pipes faster. Most likely we will return to our bi-weekly reading schedule this Spring. Shelbie had 5 stock transfers in November, and the new phone system is now operational.
Recently we had a mechanical problem with the cinder spreader that has been repaired and the cinder spreader is once again operational and ready for service.

During the month of November we purchased 856,460 gallons of water from CLAWA and our well produced 591,001 gallons. During the month of October we purchased 841,425 gallons of water from CLAWA and our well produced 714,270 gallons.

The total precipitation for the month of November was 1.46”.

On December 13, 2016 the AVMSC Board unanimously passed a motion to appoint LeAnne Jones to the AVMSC Board of Directors beginning January 1, 2017. LeAnne will be completing the term of Mr. Larry Lester and will be up for election again in 2019.
LeAnne has prior experience on the AVMSC Board and she will be serving on the Board in the position of Board Secretary currently being filled by Director Wood.

Tank Site Update – NV-5 has been in touch with the Dept. of Drinking Water and stated that the Certificate of Environmental Quality Assurance document will be required to renew our drinking water permit for the new tank. James Owens (NV-5) and Dustin Hardwick (Cal Rural Water) are discussing the next phase of the project and doing cost analysis and a legal review of our proposed contract with NV-5. We hope to have the concerns addressed and the contract signed by January 1, 2017. We are optimistic that if all proceeds according to plan we hope to have all document, permits and licenses in place to allow us to break ground on the new tank in late Spring or early Summer.

Treatment Plant Update – Bonifide Earthworks has completed the treatment plant. The Division of Drinking Water has inspected the plant and we are looking forward to the issuance of our permit to operate by the middle of January 2017.

Trash Collection and Recycling Services
All shareholders will receive with their January assessment billing (being mailed out now) an insert notifying them that beginning January 23, 2017 trash pick up for the entire Villas will be on MONDAY and Recycle Collection Day will be every TUESDAY. Those that wish to recycle need to call the office at (909) 337-4259 to request a blue recycle barrel. One will be provided per household on request only.
Also the recycle dumpster outside the AVMSC yard will be discontinued after January.

Update on the Variable Frequency Drive – The Variable Frequency Drive for the booster pumps has been shipped to Harich Well Service and they will make every effort to have it installed before the end of January. The Variable Frequency Drive will provide significant savings on our Edison power bills each month and should pay for itself within one year. We would like to have it installed before the treatment plant goes on-line but that might not be possible.

We recently had a meeting with Henry Herrera, a Cal-Fire Forester 1 regarding brush clearing, fuel reduction and chipping services provided by Cal-Fire and the Fire Safe Council. The State has recently freed up some money for Cal-Fire to provide these services in fire prone mountain areas. Laura Dyberg is the administrator for our local Fire Safe Council and Henry provided access phone numbers for Cal-Fire, The Fire Safe Council as well as contact numbers for other agencies such as Edison and San Bernardino County agencies. Henry also provided brochures and written materials on identifying bark beetle infestations and agencies and programs to help with diseased and hazardous tree removal. Shelbie has the brochures and materials available to all shareholders at the front desk in the office. We hope to have Laura Dyberg make sure that Arrowhead Villas is put on the list to receive the Cal-Fire and the Fire Safe Council services for brush clearing, fuel reduction and chipping beginning in Spring and Summer. We encourage all residents to contact these agencies if they are concerned about diseased or hazardous trees in the community.

Ron has commended both the staff and the residents for their diligent efforts toward water conservation which has exceeded the Governor’s 25% reduction rate. He would like to encourage our shareholders, renters and visitors to continue in their conservation efforts. In the coming months Ron and the staff will offer the residents new opportunities for further water conservation.

The company encourages shareholders, vacationers, visitors and renters to continue to visit the different areas of this website for good information such as the By-Laws, Company Mission Statement, Calendar of Events, some rules and regulations, the Annual Water Quality Report and a list of phone numbers for associate local agencies including LACSD, the Sheriff’s Dept., Fire Dept., Animal Control, Building and Safety and the Edison Company. The office can be contacted at or by phone at 337-4259.