Monthly Manager Report May 2014

Manager Report May 2014

The crew responded to 8 service calls in May three were markings and the rest were turn
offs, turn on calls, inspect CSOV and re-reads. There were two leaks this month both
were in company service lines .1.Lot 1424 vacant lot on Community .2.532 Sunderland
Lot 1295. One stock transfer was completed this month.

During the month of May we purchased 1,035,900 gallons of water from CLAWA and
during the month of April we purchased 740,100 gallons. During May we produced
1,088,658 gallons of water and in April we produced 1,191,313 gallons.

Improvement Projects

Fire Hydrant Replacement Project- Seven hydrants have been identified for replacement
and Bacon/Wagner has replaced four so far on Mill Court, Virginia Court, East Victoria
Court and Larchmont. Because of scheduling conflicts Bacon/Wagner has been unable to
replace any hydrants since April. Ron is currently reviewing bids from two other local
contractors to continue with this project.

Tank Site Projects- Superior Tank in cooperation with TSCI (Dennis) was awarded the
contract to replace our 24K tank at the office. Ron picked up the plans on 6/23/14 from
the County. The plans have to be resubmitted with 14 corrections. Ron will hand deliver
the unapproved plans to Superior Tank so that they can review them and make the
necessary corrections before resubmittal to the County.

Automated Meter Reading Project- Total meters installed to date is 168. Streets that have
been completed are Sunderland Ct., Arrowhead Villa Road, Lords Lane and Lake Drive.

Well#7-Well 7 was pumped and tested by Clinical Lab. The Maximum Level (MCL)
was over the limit on two minerals. Ron met with the Department of Health Services
(DOHS) on May 14th to discuss Well 7 treatment and production options. DOHS
recommended flowing the well longer before taking another sample on June 25th.

Street Repairs- Aspen Construction will be doing the paving repairs this year and will be
offering shareholders a cost savings for any pavement work they would like done in
coordination with our road repairs. Paving commenced and to date East Victoria Court,
Wellsley Dr. and Carroll Drive have been cracked sealed and paved in the areas that
needed repair. Work will be scheduled from May thru the end of August and anyone
interested will need to contact the office and the contractor before July 15th. Office#
(909)337-4259 Aspen Const.# (909)337-6242.

Sampling Stations- All three stations have been installed on Ivy Lane, Community Drive
and Pinnacle Drive. Ron has submitted a draft sampling plan to the Department of Health
Services and will follow up with a comprehensive sampling plan later this summer for
final approval.