Winter Storm Update

Arrowhead Villas Mutual Services Company is continuing to work hard to provide the services our Shareholders require during an unusually difficult winter storm event.   Due to continuing phone and internet issues, we ask you temporarily make payments via mail or in person at 767 Community drive.   As with any Winter storm event, some delays are to be expected as repairs are ongoing, so we appreciate your patience and understanding. READ MORE

Trash service’s For Arrowhead Villas Community:

  • Trash Service: All of the Villas will be done on Monday’s. (Holidays can affect our services).
  • Recycle Service: All of the Villas will be done on Tuesday’s. ( Holidays can affect our services).
  • Bulk Pick Item Service: Are done every Thursdays, call the office to schedule and available date for pick-up.

◊Holiday pick up dates :

  • ( Memorial Day) May 30,2022 –  Trash will be picked up on Tuesday 31, 2022 starting at 7:00 am  and Recycle will be picked up on Wednesday 1, 2022  starting at 7:00 Am. 

AVMSC Annual Shareholders Meeting Agenda

For Saturday May 21, 2022

At the Lake Arrowhead Community Presbyterian Church 

South State Hwy 173, Lake Arrowhead. 

Meeting called to order by Board President Larry Fehrenbach

Introduction of all Board Members

Board review and approval of the minutes of the AVMSC Annual Shareholders Meeting of May 22, 2022.

Introduction of Candidates up for election

Operations Manager’s Report and Introduction of Staff – Tim Healy

2021 Financial Statements, AVMSC Capital Improvements and 2021 Audit- Treasurer Priscilla Williams  and Auditor Kendra Dockham of Smith Marion & Co.

Market Upgrade/ Legal Updates – Director Diane Russell

Election Committee presentation of final election vote count

Open Forum – Open for any Shareholder to present concerns, issues, ideas, complaints.

                       Three Minute Time Limit will be Provided.



If you have a leak?

NOTE: Do not shut off AVMSC meter valves. If you do not have a customer shut off valve and need your water turned off, please call the Office at (909) 337-4259, to shut off the AVMSC meter. (After hours Emergencies please call (909) 955-6525 ($100 after hours fee may apply.)


SCE Safety & Power Lines LINK

Our Mission is:

To provide the highest quality drinking water, road maintenance, snow plowing, trash collection services, and customer service, while protecting the interest of our shareholders.  We encourage our shareholders to ask for assistance or guidance and we will assist in any way we can within the legal constraints of our By-Laws.