**Shareholders can schedule an appointment to turn the water service off in the fall and back on in the Spring. This a free service available to Shareholders that don’t utilize their water services year round.

Take precautions before the threat of freezing temperatures that increases the possibility of frozen and broken water lines on your property.  If this occurs, it can mean an interruption of your water service.  If a water line breaks it can damage your property and cause a high water bill . If it is required to make a service call to your property, you will incur a service charge.

AVMSC suggests you take the following measure to prevent frozen pipes:

•Protect your waterlines:

Check all your waterlines,from the meter to the house and be sure that they are not exposed.  This includes lines that are in your build up area, attic, outside walls of the house, and garages.  Pipes should be insulated to prevent freezing. Pipe wrapping materials are available at hardware stores.

•Disconnect and drain outdoor hoses:

All hoses should be disconnected from outside faucets.

•Install and utilize your shut off valves:

It is mandatory that each water connection have a shut off valve installed.  You will prevent frozen pipes and water waste by utilizing your shut off valve when property is vacant.  Do NOT access the AVMSC meter, only AVMSC personnel may access the meter box. AVMSC meter is reserved for AVMSC use, and if damaged by unauthorized use, you will be charged for repair. In addition, damage to the meter may cause a delay in the event of an emergency turn off.

•Leaving your house:

Your shut off valve should be used anytime the property is vacant.  Leave thermostat set at 55 degrees.

•Minimize damages:

It is extremely important that you turn the water off at your shut off valve if you leave
your house for a period of time .This will prevent water waste and the potential for a
high bill due to frozen pipes.

•Fire Sprinkler Systems:

If you have fire sprinklers, you must be sure that your water lines and fixtures are
protected from freezing.

AVMSC also suggests that you have a plumber’s telephone number handy before an
If you think you know where the frozen portion of a pipe is and you want to try thawing it
yourself, do NOT use a torch with an open flame, overheating a single spot can cause the pipe to
burst and a possible house fire. In addition, heating a soldered joint could allow it to leak and come apart completely. It is important to be careful when trying to defrost frozen pipes, as the pipe may be broken and full of frozen water. When the pipe thaws, the water will rush out of a broken pipe.  If this occurs, be sure to use your shut off valve to turn off the water until the pipe is fixed.

It is the responsibility of the legal property owner to protect their premises from freezing weather
and maintain their water lines.  AVMSC advises that you use your shut off valve anytime
the property is vacant throughout the year.  Please remember that ALL water registered through
the meter is the customer’s responsibility.

If you have a water emergency, please contact the office at (909)337-4259.

After hours emergency please call (909) 864-9110.