Winter Storm Update

Arrowhead Villas Mutual Services Company is continuing to work hard to provide the services our Shareholders require during an unusually difficult winter storm event.

As ice and downed trees from the last storm are cleared and things begin to return to normal, please understand our office is in YOUR community and we are experiencing many of the same difficulties you are. As with most of our Shareholders, our office power, internet and phones have been intermittent or unavailable since December 30th due to Edison, Spectrum, Frontier and cellular network outages. While this has made things more difficult than the average winter storm, we want to assure you Water, Trash and Plow services are operating “normally” within the limits of storm recovery and repair which our entire community is undergoing.

Due to continuing phone and internet issues, we ask that you at least temporarily make payments via mail or in person at 767 Community drive.

As with any Winter storm event, some delays are to be expected as repairs are ongoing, so we appreciate your patience and understanding.